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Parrot Pampering
Kitty Kindness

As a Panama City Beach pet sitter, I come to your home to meet you and your pets. I understand that each situation and pet is different.


At your FREE In-home Consultation, we can talk over how long you will need my services, details about each animal, instructions for care and household needs while you are away.


From there, a care plan will be created for your specific needs.

Parrots are my passion. If you ever brought up a parrot from newborn to adult, you can appreciate all the wonderful stages your parrot goes through as they grow. Just let me know what special treats your bird enjoys and I will make sure Tweety gets some.


Cage a little crazy? Don't worry! I'll get the cage all pretty and clean.


Did you say music? Of course! I can play some music for your bird so Tweety can enjoy some company and dance a little too.

I look forward to petting and play time for kitties. Does Kitty have a favorite toy? Just let me know and we'll have some fun. Maybe just some quiet lap time is required. That's okay too.


Litter box messy? No problem! I'll just get that cleaned up in a jiffy.


Let's not forget food refills, special treats and fresh water. P-r-r-r-fect visit for a hungry feline!

I understand that when you are away your four-legged friend can get pretty lonely and sad. I take the time to have a little fun with your dog and pick up his/her spirits to break up their day.


Let me know your pets walking routine and I will accomodate your wishes. And, don't worry... I always pick up afterwards!


Maybe Fido had an accident while you were out. No problem! It will be cleaned up in no time.


Special food, treats, fresh water... part of the deal and fun for Fido!

FREE In-home Consultation
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