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About Cindy | the Trusted Panama City Beach Pet Sitter



I love Panama City Beach and plan to stay here for a long time. I am a retired pharmacist and have experience giving animals medications if needed. I have 4 energetic dogs who keep me on my toes and have been my joy in life. Working as a Panama City Beach pet sitter allows me to meet other animal lovers in the area and I have made many friends–human and animal–along the way.


I strongly believe that all animals must be treated with love and kindness and that is how I run my pet sitting company. This is not a job for me; it is my passion. I take care of your home and your animals just like my own, with tender loving care. If you have a need for a highly responsible pet sitter to water your plants, bring in your mail, turn your lights on and off, open and close your blinds to make it appear that someone is home while you are away, you have come to the right place. If you have a need for a loving pet sitter who adores animals and has many years experience caring for pets, please feel free to contact me. After all, you and your pets deserve the best.


Isn't it a comfort to know that your pets are being properly cared for while you are away? You bet it is. With Ocean of Love Pet Sitting, now you can enjoy your business trip, vacation or work week without the stress of wondering if Fido, Kitty or Tweety are okay and happy.   LOVING CARE WHEN YOU'RE NOT THERE!

Cindy with her dog, Biscotti (2015).

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