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We love and
care for your
pets as if they
were our own!


“Cindy is trustful and friendly. My pets just love her. They get so happy when she walks in the door!"


  • In-home care for dogs, cats and parrots.

  • FREE in-home consultation.

  • Dog walking and play sessions.

  • Bring in mail and water plants.

  • ​Competitive rates.

About Cindy


I love Panama City Beach and plan to stay here for a long time. I have 4 energetic dogs who keep me on my toes and have been my joy in life. Working as a Panama City Beach pet sitter allows me to meet other animal lovers in the area and I have made many friends–human and animal–along the way.

Home of the Trusted Panama City Beach Pet Sitter

In a world of bustling cities and fast-paced lifestyles, it's nice to know that your pet sitter lives in your local area and enjoys the same surroundings as you do. Cindy will get to know you, your pets and your needs during a FREE In-home Consultation. Feel free to tell Cindy stories about your pets so she can learn more about their unique personalities and preferences. We are confident that you will be pleased right from the start and will become a loyal customer. We look forward to you becoming an essential part of the Ocean of Love family.

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